10 Memorable Christmas Activities for Baby

10 Memorable Christmas Activities for Baby - Ideas to help you create those special Christmas memories with your baby.

Christmas is a special time at any age, but it’s even more special when celebrating your baby’s very first Christmas or the first few while they’re still a baby or toddler.  As momentous as those first years are, sometimes it can be hard to find activities to do with little ones to create those special memories.  Here are 10 memorable activities to do with babies of any age.

1. Christmas Lights – Take your baby out for a drive or walk to see Christmas lights at night. Your baby will love all the bright lights and it will be a special memory for you to share together!

Christmas Lights

2. Christmas Ornament Collection – Start a collection of Christmas ornaments for your baby.  Each year you can buy an ornament to hang on your tree (or make your own) that hold a special memory of your child that year.  Start with one for baby’s first Christmas and by the time he/she leaves home they’ll have a beautiful collection of ornaments to take with them that carry many wonderful memories!

Christmas Ornaments Made by Children on Tree

3. Visit the Elderly – Take your baby to visit an elderly person, whether it’s a family member that lives close by or someone else in a senior home in your area. More than likely there’s someone close by that would love a visit, especially where a baby is involved. The elderly really light up when little ones are around! Last week my three small children and I visited a senior’s home in our area. Here’s my youngest son (16 months old) sitting with a lady whose a whole century older than him (102 years old)!  You can tell by the look on her face how much she enjoyed holding him! What a special moment!

4. Visit Santa – Take your baby to visit Santa (that is, if your baby will cooperate). Sometimes babies can be frightened by the white bearded stranger but who can really blame them?  While you’re there have your baby’s photo taken with Santa, but if that doesn’t work out, no worries, you can take a cute picture of your baby in a Santa hat or a cute Christmas outfit. Either way it’ll be a special photo that you can display in a frame or album!


5. Christmas Books – Read a different Christmas storybook to your baby each day before Christmas. Your local library is a great place to find a variety of many wonderful books or if you’d like to start a collection of your own, here are some nice Christmas books for babies and toddlers. Reading with your baby is a great way to spend time together.

Christmas Storybooks

6. First Christmas Story – Share the The Story of Christmas with your baby. To bring the story to life, purchase a nativity play set (or make one of your own) that your little one can play with for years to come.Nativity

7. Christmas Music – Turn on Christmas music at home or while driving. This is a fun way to introduce new and traditional Christmas songs to your baby while singing and dancing together.


8. Christmas Tree – Decorate the Christmas tree together.  Choose non-breakable ornaments for your baby to hang on the tree.  Another fun idea is to create your own tree for baby to decorate over and over again with no worry of them breaking anything.  Here’s are a couple of fun DIY ideas from Pinterest to make a felt tree or photo tree.

Christmas tree decorating with baby

9. Christmas Craft – Make a craft with your baby using their foot or hand prints. It’ll make a great keepsake. I really like these cute ideas from PinkieforPink.com

Christmas Craft

10. Photo Memory Book – Make a photo memory book to capture all the special moments of the whole Christmas season, not just on Christmas day.


No matter what activities you choose to do with your baby, enjoy this special time together. Don’t worry about getting everything perfect. Sometimes it’s better to put the camera down and just enjoy the moment. Remember, your baby is only a baby once and they only have one first Christmas. Enjoy every minute of it while you can!


2 thoughts on “10 Memorable Christmas Activities for Baby

  1. This is a great site!! I love it!! There are so many cool ideas to do with your baby and they will always remember and cherish them!!


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